Head of Department


 Jafar Razeghi

 Assistant Professor

 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

 Email: jafar_razeghi@tabrizu.ac.ir   and  jrazegi83@gmail.com



The department of biological sciences at the University of Tabriz was first established in 1966 and soon later in 1969 was divided into two departments of Animal and Plant sciences. The Plant Sciences Department includes four M.Sc courses, i.e. Plant Developmental Biology, Plant Systematic and Ecology, Plant Physiology and Molecular and Cellular Biology.

In the recent years the department of Plant Sciences has been quite endeavoured extensively to extend their research activities by bringing enhanced facilities into the department. For example, the Department has managed to establish a PhD course in plant physiology in 2002 and plant developmental biology in 2012. Therefore, the scientific works of the Department of Plant and Cellular Biology as well as their great academic aptitude, have led this department to become keen candidates for the centre of excellence of biology.