Head of Department

 Kamal Siahcheshm

 Assistant Professor

 Economic Geology (PhD)

 Email   : kl_siahcheshm@Tabrizu.ac.ir


Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences in the University of Tabriz

The Department of Earth Sciences in the University of Tabriz is renowned for being a center of learning, having a vibrant culture of research and as one of the pioneer departments in this field in Iran.

Founded in 1966 and rebranded in 2015 from Geology to Earth Sciences, nowadays, the Department of Earth Sciences offers undergraduate bachelorette and masters courses in Geology, as well as engagements on Ph.D. research on Petrology, Economic geology, Hydrogeology. Masters courses are offered on five subjects of Tectonics, Engineering geology, Environment Geology, Geochemistry, and Stratigraphy and Palaeontology.

The breadth and range of interests in the Department are wide and these derive from practical field-based research and laboratory experiments; as well as from numerical experiments and for active contributions to modelling investigations and their applications to earth sciences.

The post graduate program enjoys the active contributions of five outstanding professors and five associated professors and ten assistant professors of this department. The Department members are interest in the Petrology, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology, Tectonics, Engineering Geology and Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Petroleum geology, Geophysics and their various applications.

The undergraduate and post graduate programs are supported by 12 Well-equipped Laboratories including, petrology, mineralogy, sedimentary, economic geology, hydrochemistry, tectonics, engineering geology and stratigraphy and palaeontology, environment geology, photogeology and GIS and some of the research labs. The labs are used by 200 undergraduate students, 100 M.Sc. students and 40 Ph.D candidates. Researchers to meet the requirements for their courses or researches. 

The Department encourages collaborations among interdisciplinary research areas and interacts closely with other departments at the University of Tabriz, including Civil & Environmental, Geography, Chemistry; Biology; Statistics; and Applied Physics, as well as with the Geological Survey of Iran.


May, 2017